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LG System Cards 1/2 AA size 3.6 Volt Lithium Battery.

Has your GDK-16D, A or E, GDK-34, GDK-34i, GDK-100, GDK-186, LDK-20, LDK-100, LDK-300 and GSX system forgot its programming after powercut?

Does your iPECS MFIM50A, B or MFIM100 keep defaulting back to Korean after resetting or power cut?

If so your 3.6V Lithium 1/2 AA battery requires replacement.

These batteries are 5 - 8 each new for a top brand like Varta or Sonnenschein.

Cheaper batteries don't last long at all, the original Tekcell are oftern flat within a couple of years.

Please note that some boards like LDK-100 MPB may have daughter board called a MEMU fitted this will also require the battery changing.

Contact me for pricing and or for a battery fitting service via link bottom left.

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