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LDK-100 PSU Repair

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All GDK Telephone system card Firmware / system software Upgrage EPROMS

Do you have an older GDK and need new system features?

Is your system having issues working with newer version extension, CO and ISDN line cards?

Are you after the very latest (before production stopped) software versions on system cards and MPB firmware?

I can help you out (o:

After Crane Telecom Stopped selling LG back in 2006 I inherited all the production firmware masters for the GSX and GDK range of telephone systems.

I also inherited all programmers, erasers so am able to offer the software / firmware updates from GSX EBP's to GDK-186 PRIB's and GDK-16D, A, E

Please contact me if you require any GDK firmware chips, I can send fresh programmed ones out but will require the old ones back to reuse.

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