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MY Fender Stratocaster (Mexican) Electric Guitar

This is my new interest / hobbie, I am attempting to learn to play electric guitar as of Oct 2005

Here are some Photos of my guitar.

I bought it off ebay at a very good price with Stagg padded hard shell case.

I have no musical background what so ever, but have mucked around on a set of drums and I own a keyboard (in the loft) that I can play the chop sticks on thats about it!

So far I can fingerpick pretty well, tune it using my ears only and play allong with lots of differant tracks.

I now own a guitar amplifier and have been anoying everyone.

Have now got a Korg guitar tuner just to make sure it's in tune and am please to say that my manual tuning method is pretty darn accurate, just a tweak here and there.

Have got the hang of reading guitar tablature and can remember most of it as well

Bought the following TAB books for these bands, Snow Patrol, Lostprophets, Blink 182, Coldplay, Libertines, Razorlight and Stereophonics. Also found some good websites like ultimateguitar for free tabs and guitar pro tabs

Can now play pretty well to a few tracks.

Maybe one day I'll make the charts NOT!

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