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Pod Point Car
Charger Repair

LG Telephone
System Repairs

Celestion Ditton
15 XR Speakers

Decca Valve Amp

My Guitar

Barco ILite 10
LED Videowall

Hitachi HA-3 Amp

Hitachi HA-6 Amp

Hitachi HMA-8500
MKII Amplifier

Sansui G-8000
Receiver Amplifier

Pioneer SX-1250
Receiver Amplifier

Hitachi 5" Colour TV

Making Ice

Compaq Proliant
1600 Server

42" Plasma TV

Sony Laserdisc
Player MDP-850D

Pioneer Laserdisc &
DVD Player DVL-909

Sony VPH-1271QM
CRT Projector

Sony VPH-1000QM
CRT Projector

Sony PC-1271
Signal Interface

WCH / CH350L / 9865IV-AA PCI Parallel Port Card Driver

Thermite Reaction

Funny Stuff

Nintendo Wii


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Greetings and salutations

Welcome to my dinky website, in case you haven't noticed this is my personal website.

The primary purpose of this site is to show / share some of my interests and crazy experiments, and less importantly, just to have a presence on the World Wide Web.

So if you're bored or have a few minutes to kill feel free to peruse thought my site, I hope you enjoy it.


Please note that this site is under ongoing design 95% done so far, so some pages may not be updated yet, sorry. (o:

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