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LG 42PC1D-EC Plasma TV

I bought this 42 Inch LG Plasma TV off eBay faulty and have now fixed it.

LG 42PC1D Plasma photos

Click the green text above to see picture gallery.

The TV had 2 faults, firstly the power supply capacitors had all bulged and a couple split their safety vents, this meant the PSU could no longer provide enough power (mainly current) to run the TV.

Replacing every single 3300uF @ 10 Volt capacitor and some smaller value ones cured the power supply fault, I fitted Rubycon 105C capacitors as they are very high quality and temperature capacitors.

The original SAMWAH caps are not that great reliability wise and in my job as repair tech I see may items which use the same make that have suffered the same fate, typically Samsung and LG products but Sony have fallen foul as well.

The second fault (which became apparent after the power supply was repaired) was that the TV had sound but no picture, this I diagnosed to be a faulty Y-SUS board, later I diagnosed the fault on this board to component level.

The faulty components on the Y-SUS board were found to be a faulty regulator module and a blown 4 Amp fuse.

Fuse was simple enough a T4A (Time lag 4 Amp fuse 20mm jobbie) the module however was a little more tricky as (apart from being a real pain in the butt to remove from the board) when it was removed it had no markings to it what so ever apart from "Altronics V8&X3_R.1"

Altronics V8&X3_R.1 in Google meant nothing and after further searching and obtaining a copy (for free) of the service manual with components list I found out what this module was.

The mystery component number is tudd tarr darr: STK795-820 or YPPD-J018C voltage regulator.

The STK is made by Sanyo, YPPD is made by LG themselves and the original one fitted was an Altronics, why they could not write the device type / number on the module I don't know, my TV had a Altronics originally but I fitted a Sanyo and now have a spare YPPD all have same pin out and layout so all cross compatible.

Once the regulator module and fuse were replaced on the Y-SUS and the board refitted to the TV it powered up and now works fine as seen in picture above.

The regulator module cost £14 off eBay from a seller called "Littlediode" who I have bought many parts from, the capacitors used to repair the PSU cost £4.50 I bought from a company called CPC who I have an account with, fuse I have hundreds of them, giving a total repair parts cost of £18.50.

From LG / LG authorized spare parts distributor a new Y-SUS board would cost £175.

From eBay a replacement Y-SUS board could cost between £40 - £80 but these are generally second hand.

If the Y-SUS board fuses are both ok please check the ZSUS board as this has an identical module and fuse, the Y-SUS is the usual culprit but the module on the ZSUS sometimes fails as well, so please check first before spending out on a replacement board !

I have tweaked the TV slightly as I found out how to get into "service man" mode and changed a few settings such as the gray vertical bars that show when a 4:3 ratio image is shown to black as the gray bars looks awful.

TV has 2 x HDMI, 2x Scart, 1 x Component RGB, 1 x DTV Scart out, built in digital freeview as well as standard analogue, optical out and an adjustable line level audio out.

I can offer a repair service to the YSUS, ZSUS and PSU boards if repairing yourself is a little out of your depth providing your happy to take the board or boards out out of the TV and send to me, so please contact me if this is something your interested in.

LG 42PC1D Plasma Panel / Screen Replacement.

Plasma Screen Replacement Photos

I bought a faulty 42PC1D off eBay and fixed the YSUS board only to find it had red sparkles all over the screen in dark / black areas of the picture, having the PDP service manual I tweaked and scoped all the adjustment settings in hope that I could get rid of them.

Unfortunately my worst fear was confirmed, the Plasma Display Panel (PDP) was indeed screwed although the random red sparkles tended to almost disappear when the TV had been on for half hour or so and the screen had warmed up.

Still not 100% sure what did the PDP in but maybe the YSUS damaged something on / in the PDP when it went bang.

To cut a long story short I managed to pick up a BRAND NEW 42PDPV3##### Plasma panel fully boxed in original packing which came fitted with CRTL, YSUS and ZSUS all new off eBay for £40 a complete bargain, the panel on its own from LG would cost in the region of £1700, almost double the price of the TV to start with.

Pictures show the replacement of said panel, I am keeping the old panel to maybe replace a smashed screen TV when I find one on eBay in my area so I can use in workshop as test TV as its still ok to use.

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