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Hitachi CKP-100 5" Colour TV, Radio & Tape.

This is a Hitachi CKP-100 5 inch colour TV with tape recorder, FM, MW and LW radio.

Here are some Photos of it Note photos were taken with camera phone and do not do it any justice, the TV picture looks fuzzy but is it not.

It interested me as I had never seen a 6 inch colour battery powered CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TV, there are black and white ones everywhere.

This also interested me as it looked old and I think it was made somewhere between 1979 - 1982 so even more surprising that it was colour!

Gives a nice clear bright picture, and sound, the FM radio is also excellent considering it may well be over 24 years old.

Ideal for camping, the car or even watching at work. (o:


Manual and auto TV tuning.

One of those old things called a tape recorder, not used.

FM, MW and LW radio.

Volume and tone control.

TV, radio and tape selector switch.

2 telescopic aerials fro TV and radio.

External aerial connection.

Mains AC input as well as 12 volt DC external input.

Takes 10 size D batteries.

I sold this TV in May 2007 for 50 on ebay, not a bad return on a Pound!

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