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Specialist LG telecoms equipment repair engineer.

ipLDK-100 PSU Repair

LDK-300 PSU Repair

(A, B or C) PSU Repair

162 / 186 DOS PSU Repair

LG 48v Power Brick

3.6V Lithium Battery

GDK System Firmware

iPECS MFIM Recovery

iPecs 80xx Series
Phone Recovery


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Hello and welcome

To John Mears LG Telecom Repairs.

I specialiase in repair of all LG / Goldstar Telecoms equipment to component level.

From Legacy GSX, GDK, to the more recent LDK / IPLDK, iPECS series systems.

I can perform all LG Power Supply Unit (PSU) repairs from GSX, GDK, LKD systems including the IPLDK-20, LDK-100 & LDK-300 and 48 Volt power brick units.

All system cards are also supported and I carry a vast amount of spare parts most new and boxed such as SLIB II cards for GDK-100 / LDK-300 / LDK-300

3.6 Volt Lithium back up battery replacements.

Avaya IP 500 IP Office 500 power supplies can be repaired.

Happy to look at anything you have that your finding it dificult to repair such as UPS, server power supplies, Samsung DCS power units.

No fix no fee (except return postage, unless sent back with other sucsessful repairs) I can scrap non repairable items if needed.

Please contact me for pricing using the link below.

Please note that this site is under ongoing design so may come and go while I trial new looks.

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