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WCH / CH350L / 9865IV-AA PCI Parallel Port Card Driver.

After much searching of the internet for the DEVICE DRIVER for this extremely popular cheap Chineese PCI Parallel Port card I got relley pissed off that this driver was impossible to find online.

I had downlaoded countless files from various sites across the globe that were NOTHING to do with the driver or relaited to it in any way, even thou in the description and file name did seem to make it look like it.

Thought I would finally place this driver onto the world wide web so finally people can stop downloading virus and crap driver update software that will not install the driver PERIOD and get what they want quick and easy.

This driver is for the WCH / CH350L or 9865IV-AA (shown on the IC) apart from a few resistors and capacitors no other chips are on thsi card, basically if it looks like the card and or chip in the picture it will work.

Click the green text below to download the driver.

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7, File is a .zip archive.

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