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Sansui G-8000 Stereo Receiver Amplifier

This Sansui G-8000 receiver is another addition to my amplifier family.

Photos of the G-8000 - comming soon.

Made some where in the mid to late 1970 this is a true solver front classic.

Bought off well known auction site faulty, its now been restored to full working order.

Work done, partial recap, replace pretty much all electrolytic capacitors with modern Rubycon and audio grade.

Resolder EVERY single solder joint on both pre amp and power amplifer stage boards then clean flux off and spry with conformal coating to protect copper PCB tracks.

Remove, clean, grease up all switches and potentiometers with proper lubricant to eliminat crackles.

Replace badly corroded wires.

Check / adjust power amplifier idle current within speck.

Diagnose right channel power amplifer board fault to component level, source parts and repair.

Clean the whole thing up.

Spend hours listening to the music though various sets of speakers and watching the analogue needle meters (o:

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