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Sony PC-1271 Signal Interface Switcher

This is a new addition to my Sony CRT projector, I bought it from America from a guy called Curt Palme, he runs a website and forum avaliable HERE I highly recommend to anyone who owns or is looking to buy a CRT projector to have a look.

The Sony PC-1271 Signal Interface Switcher is as the name sugests a video and audio source switcher, it can accomodate 8 x Sony IFB-xxxx video interface boards.

With the addition of a SIC-M cable the PC-1271 can be remotly connected to any Sony CRT projector that has the remote video input 14 pin round din type socket, I also beleive it works with many rear projection TV sets that use Sony chassis.

In my installation I have 7 video & audio source connected to the PC-1271, this is then connected to my projector via a 10 meter SIC-M CCQ cable, all my video equipment is now in a single location.

Prior to owning my PC-1271 I physically had to take and plug in the video source to my projector, this ment I also had to run 10 meters of audio phono cable to get the sound back to my amplifiers on my hifi stand, a complete nightmare!

The PC-1271 can be controlled from the front panel select switches, supplied IR remote, projectors main remote and the projectors built in controls, PC-1271 has an IR pickup on the front and responds to the projectors remote and the projector responds to the RM-1271 - the switchers IR remote.

One thing to note should you find yourself buying one of these from the USA, make sure you set the voltage selector switch on the switching power supply inside to 220 - 240 V ac position, ells you will have a bit of a bang and a dead switcher!

Coming Soon

Next here I have / will photographed as many differant Sony IFB boards I can get my hands on, with the correct jumper settings, reason for this is that I found it almost impossible to find any information on these IFB boards and when I did they were either incomplete, in German, or wrong.

IFB-1000 - Composite and S-Video only, pluging in S-Video cabel disables Composite input so remember to unplug if you want to use Composite, also loops though what source you have connected to output sockets.

IFB-1200 - R-Y Y B-Y Component input with Sharp and Colour adjustment, 3 x BNC connectors.

IFB-11 - RGBHV input card video bandwidth 120Mhz, used to connect PC to projector via 15HD (VGA) to 5 x BNC lead.

IFB-12 RGBHV and RGB (PrPbY) Component input very handy for Xbox 360 and DVD payer with Component RGB and progressive scan option.

IFB-20 - RGBHV input card but uses a 9 pin D-type connector can handel up to 100Mhz bandwidth ??

IFB-3000 - Line doubler block takes up 4 slots in PC-1271 and line doubles to 480P has 3 x Composite and S-Video inputs and a R-Y, Y, B-Y Component RGB input.


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