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Pioneer DVL-909 Leaserdisc & DVD Player.

This is a Pioneer DVL-909 Leaserdisc & DVD Player.

Photos of the DVL-909 strip down and rebiuld.

Bought off ebay known faulty for 6.50, it had suffered a bad drop at some point in its life resulting in 1 foot breaking off and the other 3 being pushed up into the metal chassis / bottom plate bending it cracking curcuit boards, the power supply board had also blown up as previous ownwer had plugged it in.

After a day of stripping, re-shaping and removing dents to metal chassis, repairing 2 circuit board cracks, 1 on power supply board and 2nd on servo / controller board, repairing the power supply board and modifing the player is now up and running again, yay (o:

Not a bad purchase for 6.50 and 5 hours work, originaly the player was somewhere around 850 new!

The good thing about this player is I can also play DVDs and VCDs in the same unit meaning I can get rid of my seperate DVD player.

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